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Meet the team

It takes a village! Our extended team spans several continents; however, everyone in our core group remains in close contact to ensure perfect organization for all work.

Daniel, Principal

When not running his design firm or off on some far-flung 

excursion, Daniel often accompanies Roxy for her busy social engagements. A bit of a film buff and a great vegetarian cook, Daniel also likes more active hiking, running, sailing, dancing, and volleyball. More info about Daniel here.

Daniel I. Smith | Village West Design
Alex Sword photo.jpeg

Alexandra, Design Assistant

lexandra is a national contra dance caller who calls weekends and festivals all over the country. She tours, calling many local dances for both contra and English Country Dance. Her clear teaching, smooth voice, and fun dance selection delight dancers from coast to coast.  Alex is excellent with all levels of dancers whether they just walked in the door or have been dancing since before she was born.  

When she is not calling or dancing, she can be found singing in choirs, playing the piano, dance organizing and working toward her MPA.

Camille, Design Assistant



Ryan, Bookkeeper

Donald, Associate Designer

Since the earliest days of Village West Design, Donald's vast design knowledge and impeccable taste have proven invaluable assets on nearly every project. Always the reliable source for candid assessment, Donald has a secret soft spot when it comes to Mohawk who, as a tireless social butterfly, is known in his New Mexico circles as "The Mayor."

2021-1100 DOB.jpg

Rox, Draftsperson

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