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“Both the process and the outcome of the renovation exceeded my expectations. Over the years I have worked with several excellent designers. The experience with Daniel, however, was the best. I felt we were partners in this project. He understood what I wanted and in fact often anticipated it. The process was as seamless as such a renovation could be. I never had an experience with a designer that was so comfortable, fun, easy, and successful.”

—Susan B., complete home renovation and design consultation

“The redesign of our common meeting area in our church building revolutionized our use of the space. It transformed under-utilized space into a place for conversation and community."

“In our home, we ended up with more space in our kitchen without changing the distance between one wall and the other! I credit the thoughtful and appropriate design. Preparing for the projects was a process of discovery that Daniel skillfully led. He listened to the hopes and gave them concrete expression. Once the projects began, communication with Village West Design was consistently facile and attentive. When questions arose, the response was quick and helpful.”

—Pastor Kirk S., renovation and interior design work for church and home

“The collaboration with Village West Design was easy and understanding, [and] work went really smooth, successful and fast.”

—Ed G. and Pat G., gut renovation of home

“Village West Design is really listening to me and designing solutions based on what I say and what they hear, always taking into consideration my budget and schedule. Daniel asked excellent questions that have helped me clarify what I want and need. I truly enjoyed the design process. They say the pack up and move out process is extremely stressful, and Village West Design has helped to shoulder some of that burden by providing credible move consultants and alternative places to live in the interim. I feel that you have helped me get my arms around my relocation."

“The apartment feels warm and wonderful, and your design skills shine throughout!”

—Janet C., complete home redesign, renovation, furniture, and furnishings

“I was very pleased with the result. I had a comfortable, elegant space that was easy to maintain. My first experience with Village West Design was a basic renovation that had to be completed in a very short time. The deadline – which often seemed impossible was met. I found Daniel’s ability to solve the problems of my space to be the most useful aspect of the collaboration. His process coordinated all the aspects of living in the space and I found that very helpful. Daniel kept track of the large picture, but no matter what other aspects were needed, people [were] there, ready and able to do the job.”

—Ann G., apartment and garden redesign and renovation

“I am very pleased with the ongoing work with Village West Design. The office where we had renovations now has better flow; it became more harmonious. I would describe the process of  collaboration with Village West Design as effective and creative. Above all, I would like to mention that layout design was very helpful and coordination and bidding were very efficient. The team is always very professional and good-natured. The contractors are excellent.”

—Marc S., ongoing corporate design, construction, and relocation

“Daniel and his team were professional and easy to work with. I was able to have Skype meetings with them and they were very accommodating to my schedule and needs. The team had good ideas for me and worked with my own visions.”

—Caryn S., full-service interior design; installations, and renovations

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