Daniel Ian Smith


Daniel Ian Smith, M.Arch., NCIDQ


After our founder and principal was awarded a Master of Architecture degree from New York City’s Parsons School of Design, he continued to hone his residential design skills by passing the national interior design licensing exams—all at once! Now with over 25 years of professional experience in both architecture and interior design fields, Daniel leads all projects with passion and dedication, resulting in so many comfortable homes...and contented homeowners. Always attentive and respectful, Daniel’s creative approach is centered on the individual client, not some cookie-cutter solution. A collaborative process is key to his core philosophy, and he firmly believes that everyone can enjoy a comfortable, well-designed home customized just for them.

A tireless globetrotter who has lived in Europe and Asia, Daniel searches far and wide for inspiration to infuse into the next project. Whether raised on the West Coast or East Coast, Italy or India, China or Chad, Daniel loves to connect with clients who share his core outlook: travel the world, then come home to a place you love.

“I believe everyone deserves to be surrounded by beauty; it is integral to what makes us human.”—Daniel Ian Smith