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Other Services

Beyond standard residential interior design services, we have assisted retail clients with merchandising and display, corporate clients with staffing and streamlining their organization, and prospective residents and non-profit lessees in assessing rental or purchase properties before closing the deal.

For every client we apply our critical and creative problem-solving skills to come up with a customized solution just for you. Our á la carte services can be called upon at any time and extend to:

  • professional organizing

  • curb appeal

  • assistance with asset valuation

  • property assessments

  • move coordination

  • staging or rental advice

  • landscape/garden design​

Recently we performed a plan review (evaluation of the architect's designs) for one client, and devised and constructed an elaborate 50-foot-long Chinoiserie "cat wall" for another client (actually for two fluffy members of the client's family). So, feel free to ask us almost anything!