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Renovated living room

Need advice? Sometimes immediate, concrete answers are best. That’s why we developed a results-oriented consultation where we come to you––either virtually or IRL––to solve a specific set of problems together on site. We tour the space, you talk about and show us the problems and questions you have, and we resolve them in real time. We can map out a plan for a high-end professional gut renovation, provide solid guidance to do-it-yourselfers on a budget, or tackle anything in between. This is also a great way for you to get to know us better—and vice versa. These appointments are intense and interactive...and a lot of fun!


Issues range from spec’ing fixtures/equipment to color consultation to outlining construction opportunities and estimating prices. For other appointments we might devise an impromptu furniture plan—and direct a quick rearrangement. Standard consultations are $600 (one room) or $1000 (entire home) + travel (unless virtual) and offer:

  • Preparation time and materials, including intake, coordination, review, and assessment by our design team;

  • Dedicated 90-minute meeting with professional designer—either in person or via video from either your current home or a prospective one;

  • Direction in targeting and/or resolving issues in layout, circulation, storage/organization, aesthetics, etc.;

  • Answers to financial questions such as budgeting for purchases or construction, resale preparation, and assessing ROI.

  • Advice on finding or working with contractors, plumbers, electricians, or cabinetmakers; scheduling; and other renovation planning.

  • Use of reference materials from our design library, such as cabinetry samples or color decks;

  • Assessment of your prospective project if you would like to be considered as a new client.

Find other reasons to schedule a design consultation by reading our blog. Or, just fill out our Contact form and we will coordinate a screening call with you.

Design Consultations

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