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At Village West Design documenting projects through photography is a key step in communicating the finished product. At the photoshoot we aim to show off not just the overall design, but also the individual features, colors and materials that make that project special. And just like at home, accessories and lighting prove essential elements on the day of the shoot.

A professional photograph may capture some components of the design, but a significant challenge is communicating the entirety of the transformation—particularly for interior renovations like our recent Miami Beach-inspired Kitchen (shown here).

At this photoshoot we decided to focus on the feel of the space—showcasing inspirations for the project…like we did for our recent Mexican Folk Art-inspired Bath. Lighting is another important tool we employ the day of the shoot. Integrated architectural and free-standing lighting are critical project elements, but photoshoot lighting is completely different.

For this shoot, it is no longer about functions: food prep, setting a mood at the bar or finding dishes in cabinets….

At the photoshoot we light from a single vantage point (the photographer’s) and we use fill and other auxiliary lighting totally unnecessary for inhabiting the space in real life.

In order to convey the dynamism of this particular kitchen—designed for an active cook and entertainer—we staged live models! Recognize any members of the Village West Design team? Needless to say, the shoot was great fun.

Besides, who doesn’t like to spend some time in an immaculate, streamlined Kitchen with some splashes of citrus…?

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May 16, 2018

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