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Online Consultations

A well-designed space is a wise investment. If an in-person meeting is a challenge, but you need professional guidance and creative solutions for your kitchen, bath, bedroom, or office, then our online consultation is the perfect fit. 

Do you... 

  • lack time and/or schedule flexibility for an on-site consultation?

  • get overloaded with trends and styles and can't figure out what is best for you?

  • want to stick to a budget but still need advice?

  • wish to undertake much of the renovation or other site work yourself?

  • live outside of our current service areas but still want to schedule a dedicated appointment?

These are all reasons for developing our online design consultation. Unlike our colleagues, we don't limit your options or guide you to preset designs, because we believe that each space is unique and requires a personalized solution. And if you decide you want more help, our whole team remains available for follow-up.

How does it work? Easy: 

1. You fill out a questionnaire.

2. You send images, videos, and other information about your home.

3. We send you a report with answers, suggestions, and tips about how to transform your space. Depending on your questions, your custom report can include:    

  • Cost estimating

  • Site assessment

  • Style identification

  • Furniture planning

  • Color palette 

  • Paint recommendations

  • Construction suggestions

  • Contractor tips​

  • Lighting advice


Unlike our standard design consultation, the online consultation is not interactive and therefore costs less. Online consultations are typically $350/room, and can be upgraded or extended to include additional design work, mood boards, 3D model, further advice, etc.

To start, just fill out our Contact form.

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