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Design Therapy

Village West Design

Discover the therapeutic power of interior design. At Village West Design, we combine the precision of an architect, the sensitivity of a therapist, and the artistry of interior design to create spaces that reflect your individual personality and style.

With primary locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, we’ve honed our approach and project management systems to work on projects all over. Principal Daniel Ian Smith’s love of travel and generous spirit have won us dedicated clients in Boston, L.A., Chicago, Connecticut, New Mexico, North Carolina, and the Pacific Northwest, as well as closer to home in California and of course the West Village.


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Design Therapy

At Village West Design we are more than just expert designers. Whether tweaking a lighting or furniture plan in an existing house, or undertaking a full-scale gut renovation, our whole team is committed to transforming your home to meet your unique needs... More functionality? More organization? More "wow factor"? Whatever the goals, we deliver results: personalized and engaging spaces for living, working, and entertaining. 

How do we do it? We practice what we call "design therapy." By approaching each client with compassion, an open mind, an attentive spirit, and a desire to foster positive change, we are able to successfully revitalize any space. The results are finished projects that are not only functional and beautiful, but that also just *feel* good.

Every project is unique, and as such we are careful to partner with enthusiastic clients who are ready to unlock the potential in their homes to not only meet their needs, but to uplift and inspire.


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