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Tips and Tricks for Summer

With summer in full swing, why not bring the outside inside? Here are a few tips

and tricks to freshen up your home.

Tip 1: Rearrange your furniture to make room for summer entertaining. If you don’t

have a lot of space, consider investing in an expandable dining table to make room

for more guests. You can also select a new coffee table or sideboard that works

well for setting up a casual buffet.

Tip 2: No need to purchase all new furniture; freshen up your décor with summer

whites, linens & accents of summer citrus colors.

Tip 3: Why sequester produce in a corner of your kitchen? Use fresh, colorful fruits

and vegetables as a centerpiece or other decoration around the home.

Tip 4: Visit a local farmers’ market and purchase outdoor plants—for indoors!

Many herbs, flowering annuals will be happy inside—even if only for a number of weeks. You can replace as needed for enjoying an indoor garden.

Tip 5: Monitor natural light. For spaces with little sunlight, take advantage by opening up window ware to enjoy.

those early morning and late evening rays. For spaces with an excess of summer sun, switch to gauzy fabrics or solar shades to soften the harsh light. And take this opportunity to install blackout materials so you can sleep in more easily!

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16 de mai. de 2018

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